Welcome to American Haunts!

This is a blog about all things spooky in The United States of America. I write about nearly everything- Bigfoot, ghosts, unnatural phenomena.. you name it, it’s here!
This blog used to be at Blogspot, but due to some changes I’ve moved here to WordPress, and I love it. Everything on the old blog is still there, so if you’re looking for something in particular, go check it out! Hopefully I’ll be able to expand to include different countries, but to keep from getting overwhelmed (the world is full of strange, strange things) I’m sticking to the US for now.

Me? Oh, I’m just the nerdiest person you’ll ever meet. I’m a Christian (but not the kind you think), a writer, a passive researcher. I have a twitter that I don’t update nearly enough, but I post articles and links pertaining to the paranormal, so be sure to check that out, too!

And don’t forget to send me your stories of the weird and wacky! I love hearing people’s personal ghost stories! Leave a comment, or email me at BellaGray@poetic.com

  1. Just found this site and love it! Great casual writing style and of course, I love the wide net you cast over the unexplained – not just ghosts, not just UFOs – a little of everything. Maybe we can work together and, at the very least I’d be happy to give you a free tour next time you’re in LA!

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