Skinwalker Ranch

Sorry for the extremely long delay, folks. Life likes to push its way to the top of my priority list, and I can only ignore it for so long. I’ll be doing my best to update with a little regularity now that I have a set schedule work-wise. But enough about me… onto today’s topic.


Okay, it’s weird that I hadn’t heard of this place until about two weeks ago. It is really hard to find something paranormal that I’m not already aware of. People bring me stories all the time, and usually I can finish their thought for them. Skinwalker Ranch was mentioned in the paranormal sub of Reddit a couple of weeks ago, and it struck me. This was a place, not excruciatingly far from where I am currently, with all sorts of stories coming out of it, that was completely new to me. So of course I immediately Googled it, and whoa. This place is like the X-Files on crack. Below are just a few of the odd stories people tell about this ranch.


Skinwalker Ranch, or Sherman Ranch (Bigelow Ranch), as its owners would probably prefer it to be called, is a large-acreage ranch in Utah’s Uintah County. It borders the Ute Reservation, and several other ranches in the area. It looks, well, pretty benign from the outside. Sure, there are fences, and camera traps, and warnings along its borders, but there aren’t men in cars waiting to snipe you from a hill if you step over the line like at Area 51. This ranch looks like any other ranch- there are cattle, farming equipment, buildings… but if you listen to the stories people tell about it, you’ll get the impression that the everyday look the property has is a cover-up for some pretty strange experiments. The ranch gets its nickname from an old Ute legendary creature- the Skinwalker. Now, this will be covered in a later blog entry, but the short story is that the Navajo put a curse upon the Ute a long, long, long time ago. They were cursed with the Skinwalker, a beast that can shapeshift. The ranch is supposedly in an area the Ute call “the path of the Skinwalker,” and near Skinwalker Ridge. So.. the name developed.


As for the stories… well there seems to be every kind of paranormal phenomena possible coming out of this place. Stories of Bigfoot, of cattle mutilation, of UFOs, ghosts, all of these have been witnessed in and around the ranch. It appears a lot of the events happened in the 90’s, when Tom Gorman (name changed) and family purchased the ranch. Their first encounter was with a wolf, who at first seemed tame enough to be pet. It attacked one of the Gorman’s calves and was stopped by Tom when he shot it with a handgun, and then a rifle. Only it didn’t go down. According to the story it stopped the attack, stared at the father and son protecting the calf, and then ran off. Not a bit of blood was spilled. The Gormans tracked the creature for a mile, but it appeared to have completely vanished, tracks and all. And that was only day one of the Gorman’s residency at the ranch. Over the years the family witnessed many strange creatures, including one a lot of people have sort-of seen. There have been two descriptions of it like the Predator (you know, from the movie Predator), a creature or entity nearly completely transparent, except for the ability to change translucent colours. Not only did the Gorman family witness it, but one of their guests, and a member of the Ute tribe (video below) also saw the being. By all guesses it is not friendly, and definitely not something you want to encounter. It roars something like a bear, but it is anything but. Unless they’ve developed some kind of cloaking device, that is.


But not only have people come face to face with grisly creatures, UFO sightings have been reported since the 1950’s. There are tons of pictures and video of strange lights in the skies over this area of Utah, including the infamous black triangles known to just about every UFO researcher. Better than me blabbering on about all of the UFO activity, below are a few videos of supposed alien aircraft above the ranch. Now, personally, I think at least some of these can be explained by non-supernatural means, but there are those that I just have no answer for.

Some of the most compelling information has to be all of the cattle mutilations that have happened over the years. It seems that no matter who lives there, something or someone has been mutilating the cattle on the property for decades. There are pictures here (warning- graphic) of a few of the mutilations. Signs include complete blood loss, surgeon-like incisions, and completely missing body parts.

Several programs have done outside research on the mysterious ranch. But entrance onto the property is expressly forbidden. I definitely do not recommend visiting the ranch expecting anyone to be friendly. A lot of these storytellers have been met with absolute hostility, being threatened with guard dogs and guns. There is no safe way onto the property, and you would be better off observing the strange lights on the ground and in the sky from a safe distance.

Personally, and i have no idea why, but this place really gets to me. It’s taken me two weeks to finish this blog post. I just have a very bad feeling about it. And my feelings are usually right, so doing research on Skinwalker Ranch has been a little tough. However, don’t let this stop you from finding out more about the ranch yourself. Just take the necessary precautions to protect yourself should you look further into it, or attempt to visit the area. Whatever you choose, happy haunting!


More research can be done here:

Skinwalker Ranch

Interview with Larry Cesspooch, local Ute tribemember


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  1. Good post… I’m interested but not sure I want to look into it more lol… maybe after I skydive. This is some intense stuff. and this is only a small minute piece of a much grander more ridiculous picture… I mean man…

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