Night Crawlers

Alright, take a look at this:

Weird, right? And I don’t mean the unnecessary music or footnotes. That up there has been named a Night Crawler. There have been several sightings of these little creatures all over, and no one seems to have any explanation for them. Indeed, they seem to be very low down on the known list of cryptids (if I can even call them that) that people know of and study. Night Crawlers are short, bipedal creatures who appear to enjoy leisurely strolls through front yards in the middle of the night. They look like they’re all legs, with maybe a teeny head perched on top. The one in the video actually looks like it’s wearing a cape or something. Here’s another video with a similar view:

These ones were caught on tape in Yosemite. The first video is from Fresno. So far these Night Crawlers are California-centric (which certainly doesn’t help me sleep at night). Not only that, the legend of these creatures isn’t a new one. According to the video below, from a Spanish-language paranormal show, the locals in and around Yosemite have known about these creatures for decades. They have even built them statutes in a show of peace and respect. They say that there is a creature of some kind with no torso or arms, and very long legs and a small head, that walks the forest at night. It doesn’t seem to be any kind of dangerous, but the residents give it all the respect in the world.

And while I would love to believe what this TV show has to say… I can’t seem to find the legends on the internet. There’s nearly no information out there on the web about Night Crawlers. Even the SyFy Channel got on board with them, featuring the little guys on Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files. determining that it might not be a hoax or a prank after all; it might be legitimate. At the very least, it’s unexplainable. Other than that, I can’t find anything else on these guys. If you know something, I would love for you to share your knowledge with me! I’m incredibly interested in the Night Crawlers, and I think we deserve to know more about them!


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I am a writer, a Christian, Queen of the Nerds, and couch potato protester. I enjoy long walks on the beach, vampire movies and sitting out in the open watching the sky.

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