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Sorry for the lack of proper updating, folks. Suffice to say that life has not been kind to me these past few weeks, and I’ve been busy looking for a job. Things still might be a bit sketchy over here for a while, but bear with me! Onto the blog!

The Moon. Not a subject I thought I would ever have to write on. I mean, we’ve been there. We see it every night. Space enthusiasts and astronomers alike have analyzed the moon for centuries. It’s a big, lifeless ball of rock that makes our tides, and that is kind of fun to howl under. However, there are, apparently, people who think the moon is a possible landing zone (and maybe even a base) for extraterrestrials. Yup, aliens.Aliens are using our moon as a secret base from which to land and take off. And… well they’ve got some decent evidence to back it up.

Now, let me make this clear. I honestly don’t know much about the moon except what I’ve listed above, and a little more. I do know, however, that there are no active volcanoes, and that debris does not come off the moon without the help of an outside force. Which.. kind of stunted my whole argument on all of these just being videos and reports of a natural phenomenon most people aren’t familiar with. So, I’ll just keep my mouth shut and present the evidence as it’s been presented to me.

So let’s start with this video:

Okay.. fair enough. That definitely looks like a group of something descending toward the moon. Or at least passing in front of it. In fact, up until that little last one shoots away, I would’ve called it space debris and been done with it. But then the last one does fly away, and at an angle and speed that something floating in the vacuum of space couldn’t achieve without being physically pushed. But are they landing on the moon, or flying in front of it? One of the commenters on Youtube (yeah, I know. But I had to look.) suggests that this video is a fake because of the lack of chromatic aberration on the smaller objects. They are too clean (especially when compared to the outline of the moon itself) to be as far away as the poster is claiming. This is my main concern, as well. Even through a telescope and a camera, the moon doesn’t seem big enough for someone to see little dots landing on it. Passing in front of at a much closer distance? Maybe.

Our next video is here:

I don’t know if I’ve posted this one before, but I have definitely seen it. This video comes from an amateur astronomer in Italy (info in the youtube link. His website doesn’t work without freezing firefox on my laptop), who happened to capture something strange while he was doing some maintenance on his telescope. The video is of a small black dot traveling above the surface of the moon. It first floats one way, then switches direction and floats up the screen and away. It kind of looks like a shadow of an object, but that black dot is the only thing we actually see. This one I can’t debunk as readily as the other two. While yes, this could absolutely be a fake, the fact that it was taken by an astronomer (with what looks to be a detailed and professional website), charted, and all around isn’t making huge claims about proof, or really using caps lock of any kind. So.. this is one I’m not too sure about. I’d like to say space debris, but I’m just not certain I can. Thoughts?

Okay, so I know that not every believer in aliens are stereotypes. In fact, a lot of astronauts have made reports on seeing things up on missions that they can’t necessarily explain. There have been TV shows, interviews, and flat statements that astronauts sometimes see strange things out in space.

This video is a compilation of footage and pictures taken on various NASA and Russian space flights (including the moon landing), and shows a number of unidentified objects, including what is called the Tower of Babel on the far side of the moon.

Back in 1953 John J. O’Neill thought he found an incredibly large, artificial-looking bridge on the moon’s surface. Many people tried to see it, but the bridge seemed to only appear occasionally. Some claimed it was because the aliens knew we were watching and took it down. But the bridge was confirmed false by Percy Wilkins (who claimed later that it was really there), and it seems not much more has been made of it. It’s a cool part of the moon, but not extraterrestrial.

As for bases on the moon where alien spacecraft like to hang out like it’s Mos Eisley? I seriously doubt it. Astronomers, astronauts, anyone with a decent telescope would have seen something by now. We would have pictures. Actual youtube videos (you know, before the government took them down) with real evidence. This kind of thing would be on the news. Also, I’m pretty sure we’d have even MORE UFO sightings than we already do as a world. Granted, there are a lot of reports cropping up all over the world, but coming from the moon?

Are there moon bases? Do aliens have a connection with our moon? Are they using it to spy on us?

That video REALLY wants you to believe that there are.


City of the Angels

Downtown Los Angeles Photos, California


Here’s a repost from the Blogspot American Haunts. I’ve just returned from my second trip home to Cali, and thought this seemed appropriate. Things have not been going well in the real world, so I deeply apologize for my sporadic posting. I’ve got quite a lot to figure out in the next two and a half months, and it’s all getting quite overwhelming. I hope to post some new stuff in the next week! For now, Los Angeles, as told by me a year and a month ago…


In less than a week I’ll be traveling home to Los Angeles for the first time in about nine months. I’m very excited to see my family and friends again, and just as excited to strike out and explore my city after dark. I want to highlight a few of the haunted sections of my city before I get home. This is just a taste of the weird that LA has to offer. We are home to Hollywood, after all. Let’s get started!



What goes on here?


First on the list is the illustrious Griffith Park, a staple in the LA community and one of the biggest nature areas we have to offer. Home to the Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles Zoo and Gene Autry Museum, the park started off as a ranch in the 1700’s belonging to Vincente Feliz and family. It was bought in the 1880’s by Griffith J. Griffith (you read that right), and turned into an Ostrich farm. Griffith hoped to lure people to Los Angeles County and make it prosper, but not very many moved to the area. One of the reasons is speculated to have been that the area was haunted by Felis himself. The park was donated by Griffith in 1896 to the city of Los Angeles. Since then it has sprouted two zoos (one now abandoned), a world-renowned Observatory, the Greek Theatre, famous Hollywood sign and many trails for running, hiking and picnicking.  A rich history has contributed to many odd things happening in and around the park.


File:Downtown LA from GP Obs.jpg


The Curse


Before he died, Vincente Feliz bequeathed the majority of his wealth not to his family, but to a man called Don Antonio Coronel. It is not certain whether he did this of his own accord, or was manipulated, but either way, the land did not pass down to his children. After Feliz’ death, his niece put a curse on the land, the lawyer and Coronel and proceeded to drop dead. After that, Coronel was shot dead, and his family suffered from disease and most of them perished from that and their huge loss of money.


Unfortunately most of the story isn’t true, but there is no proof that a curse was not placed on Griffith Park. Many people have seen an apparition floating around the grounds that is said to be Feliz himself. Go out for a run at dusk and you just might catch a glimpse of the first owner of the park.


There is also the legend of the haunted picnic table. The legend says that on October 31, 1976 two lovers were crushed by a falling tree while they were.. ahem, gettin’ down, if you know what I mean. It’s not for certain if the place is actually haunted, but the legend still persists, so perhaps there are spooky voices, chills in the air and static on car radios.


(Griffith J. Griffith, or President Roosevelt?)


The second location is not far from the Park. It is the equally-famous Hollywood Forever Cemetery.  A gorgeous, well-planned and frankly huge cemetery in the middle of Hollywood on Santa Monica Boulevard, Hollywood Forever is home to just about any and every celebrity. It boasts the graves of Douglas Fairbanks to Johnny Ramone. It’s even home to Griffith J. Griffith.


One of the more famous graves, and subject of two hauntings, is that of Valentino. Valentino was a very successful silent film star, and often called the “latin lover” of cinema. He met an untimely death at age 31, however, suffering from appendicitis, and complications from its removal which lead to pleuritis. His female fans especially were devastated. One seems to be more hurt than all the others. Valentino is said to be visited on the anniversary of his death by a “lady in black.” She walks through the cemetery, stops at his grave, and lays two long-stemmed roses in front of the headstone. It’s reported she’s seen every night, but I can’t find much else on the topic.


Another fan of Valentino’s still stops by to see his master long after death. It has been reported that Valentino’s dog comes to the grave after dark every once in a while, still loyal to his owner from beyond the grave.



Clifton Webb, the original “Mr. Belvedere,” is reported as strolling in the Abbey of the Psalms Mausoleum. People have witnessed the smell of cologne, cold drafts and low voices inside the mausoleum.


And last, but sure not least, is the ghost of Virginia Rappe. A young starlet, she had just signed a contract with “Fatty” Arbuckle when she died suddenly at age 26. Arbuckle was accused of rape, but found not guilty, but the trauma Rappe went through the night she died could give credence to the cold spot felt above her headstone, or the whispering voices some report.



There is so much more to LA, that this will become a multiple-parter. I hope you enjoyed part one, and will go experience some of these places for yourself! I recommend a jog through Griffith Park just before dusk, and then a trip over to Hollywood Forever to see if you can catch a glimpse of the Lady in Black.


As always, if you’d like to know more, click the links below!

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This is an incredible article on the history and corruption of Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Check it out if you’ve got the time!