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The Spookiest Place on Earth

Happy holidays, everyone! Christmas in my neck of the woods always means one thing for my friends and me: It’s time to get to Disneyland! I know that seems like a summer activity, but with cooler temperatures and the Christmas decorations up, Disneyland is one of my favourite places to be around the holidays. Unfortunately I won’t be able to go this Christmas ¬†(I’m lucky to make it back to California as it is), I figured I’d take a look into Disneyland behind-the-scenes. It seems pretty obvious that the happiest place on earth would also be one of the creepiest, but I didn’t really know just how creepy until I started my search. I have more than a few friends who either work at the park, or have worked at the park, and one was kind enough to give me a little textual tour of the grounds. He filled me in on a lot of the paranormal hotspots the park keeps under wraps. For his sake, I’m leaving names and occupations out, but I’m incredibly grateful to him for all this really cool information!

What Goes On Here?

It’s no surprise that the Haunted Mansion is actually haunted. There have been several reports of it being infested with more than the 999 ghosts its Pa system boasts. Rumours have flown around this building since before it was complete. It’s no surprise that more would spring up about ghosts in a “haunted mansion.” But that friend of mine made things a little more concrete for me. Below are just a few of the stories he’s got on this musical ride:

A little boy, Timmy, runs around with a blue shirt on. He runs through to madam Leota (the crystal ball in the Seance Circle), then vanishes. He is also seen in the hallway. Could this be the same boy whose ashes were spread by loving family during a memorial for him in the past? This has been a urban legend around Disneyland for years, but who knows? Maybe Timmy loved the ride too much to leave.

(Pirates of the Caribbean also shares this urban legend of a boy’s ashes being spread into the water by his mother, but there’s no proof of this happening either.)

If you sweep the mansion late at night, you will find yourself sweeping a piece of trash multiple times, as it reappears back in the same spot again and again. My friend can confirm this one as true. He’s fallen victim to its mysterious ways before. Why a piece of trash? No idea.

Late at night, you can hear an old lady crying for help, but no one can ever find her.

The animatronics will turn on when the power is off in the graveyard and ballroom, but nowhere else.

There’s a ghost cat who is seen inside the mansion and on the roof. The ride people say it darts between buggies and disappears through a wall. That’s just creepy if you ask me.

You can hear coughing at night after the ride is closed. Machinery? Perhaps, but everything seems to get shut down, as far as I know. (link above) claims there is a man with a cane that is seen in the mansion. His ghost might come from a crash victim from a plane that went down near the property in the 1940’s.

The Haunted Mansion isn’t the only place where ghosts play, however.¬†That bathroom underneath Big Thunder BBQ is partially constructed of old timbers from an old farm that was once located in Griffith Park (or so I’m told). There are old toys and nick knacks from a house that used to be on Disneyland’s soil when it was an orange grove, up in the rafters in the ladies’ room. There are footsteps heard (usually from 11-1), toilets that aren’t on sensors flush on their own, the stall locks vibrate, the stall doors swing back and forth, and occasionally workers have smelled fire from the beams overhead. My friend claims the women’s bathroom is much creepier than the men’s. I’m very interested in taking a trip over to them and seeing for myself.

Walt Disney himself apparently still likes to reside in his old apartment above the fire station (which is real!) on Main Street. Cleaners have heard his voice at night. I always heard growing up that the light was always on as a tribute to Walt, but if the light ever went off it was a sign of his presence about the park. I have no idea where or when I first heard this, or if there’s any testimony to the rumour, but there ya go.

There’s a now-famous story of Dolly, a woman who died on the Matterhorn ride in Fantasyland. It’s said that she unbelted to check on her children in the car behind her, and was thrown from her seat on a sharp decline (now known as Dolly’s Dip). She was run over by the sled behind them. I have no idea how someone would or could unbelt during that incredibly bumpy (and painful) ride!

Tom Sawyer’s Island has two or three ghosts running around, causing trouble. The report is of a senior, or seniors, in high school, who drowned while trying to cross the Rivers of America (Although, that’s gotta take work, because those rivers are not very deep). Workers see and try to track down the apparitions, but no one can be found on the island.

Yet another tale comes from the old People Movers. The story goes that a rowdy teen on his Grad Night tried to jump from one car to another. He fell, but tried to grab onto his girlfriend’s hair on the way down. When the ride was still operating, blonde women with long hair complained of it being tugged and pulled on the ride.

There are a million and one other tales I could spin you about what haunts the Disneyland park, but instead I feel video speaks much louder than a bunch of random gathered notes. So here’s a few you might like! Take a look and tell me what you think. I’d also love to hear some of your stories!

A ghost leisurely walks through the line at the Haunted Mansion?

Ghost, or crew member?

Happy Haunting!