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Updated! You know what they say about big feet…

UPDATE: So, anyone hear of that crazy news from Igor Burtsev this morning? If not.. here’s just a little snippet from his post this morning to Facebook (also found here at Cryptomundo):

“After 5 years of this study the scientists can finally answer the question of what sasquatch really is. It is human like us only different, a hybrid of a human with unknown species. Early field research shows that the Bigfoot/Sasquatches are massively intelligent which has enabled them to avoid detection to a large extent. They are different than us, however human nonetheless.”

Bigfoot’s real, everybody! At least.. so they’re saying after five years of studying DNA samples from various expeditions. This is an incredibly intriguing announcement, especially for the paranormal community. It appears this statement wasn’t supposed to be released yet, however, which makes me wonder if it was supposed to be released at all. Either way, it’s a huge claim to make, and one I personally am very excited about! So I decided to repost this blog from months ago (on the old site) in honor of it. Enjoy!

Yes, I know, this phenomenon has been done to death. But I have never done proper research on it, and it seems only fair that I devote equal attention and brain space to all the supernatural phenomenons out there, not just the ones no one knows about. And, since I’ve lived in California, Oregon and Michigan (three places where he/she has been spotted and has somewhat of a following), I thought it would be a good idea if I, along with you, became better acquainted with this elusive monster of legend.

So, without further ado, I present you…. Bigfoot.


What goes on here?

If we want to learn anything new about Bigfoot, we have to start with everything old about Bigfoot. This legend has been around for years. And when I say years, I mean Columbus hadn’t even stumbled upon North America in a drunken stupor yet, this legend is so old. Nearly every Native American community has a legend similar to Bigfoot, whether they call him “the Big Man,” or think of him as something closer to a big brother. He appears in times of great need or distress within a community, and sometimes offers strength to the people to fight through their troubled times. At other times, to other communities like the Hopi, he is just the messenger from the creator sent to show the people how much they are destroying what the creator gave them. Kind of like a warning.

“The existence of Bigfoot is taken for granted throughout Native North America, and so are his powerful psychic abilities. I can’t count the number of times that I have heard elder Indian people say that Bigfoot knows when humans are searching for him and that he chooses when and to whom to make an appearance, and that his psychic powers account for his ability to elude the white man’s efforts to capture him or hunt him down. In Indian culture, the entire natural world — the animals, the plants, the rivers, the stars — is seen as a family. And Bigfoot is seen as one of our close relatives, the “great elder brother” ” (

But in recent times, Bigfoot has become a new kind of legend. He’s the scary story we tell our kids around a campfire, or that mysterious noise just outside our tent. He’s the strange, awful smell when we’re on the hiking trail, or the movement in the trees. We know him on sight, or on sound, as some big, hairy hominid lurking just out of reach in what’s left of America’s forests. The last great mystery of the wilderness. There have been countless sightings, photographs and videos. Hell, there’s even a Bigfoot Museum in Willow Creek, California (I’ve been, it’s awesome). Bigfoot is part of the American culture, as much as apple pie, or political sex scandals.

But there continues to be sighting after sighting, and more and more people believing in the big guy everyday.

Of course, it all really began back in 1967.

Since the Patterson film was presented to the public, there are have a myriad sightings of Bigfoot (or something like it) in the wild of America. This video is still hotly debated, and a great many people do believe it’s completely fake. And who knows? It could be. But what people are seeing out in the woods might not be.Gimlin, Patterson’s partner in crime, still claims the film is 100% real, and since the early 2000’s has been available to talk about what happened.

The men were on horseback near the Klamath river in California when they spotted a big fallen tree and the furry creature behind it. Patterson got off his horse and started rolling. The thing, presumably Bigfoot, kept on walking from the scene, looking back a few times at the men with nothing resembling emotion. They tracked it for a few miles, but the creature eventually disappeared into the underbrush of the forest. (

Since then there have been more than a few other videos claiming to capture Bigfoot:

Like this one, of a police car dash cam.

Unfortunately Bigfoot has become such a known entity that finding nearly anything worthy of posting here from Youtube is nearly a waste of time. However!

BFRO, the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, is a group that collects reports of the Big Brother from all over North America, from Florida to Alaska, with Canada in between. And it’s not just old hunters with stories from the eighties. According to their website, Bigfoot was spotted this month! Their reports are pretty credible, and they even do follow-ups with the eyewitnesses. They seem like your one-stop-shop for everything Bigfoot.

Or! If you’d like to look at a whole bunch of photos that might be (but might not be) Bigfoot, there’s a great image gallery over at Unexplained Mysteries that has a ton of photos from users all over the world!

Personally, I would love to know much more about Big Brother, watching over the forests of North America. Have you seen one? Or have other evidence for or against the existence of Bigfoot? I would loooove to hear it! Email me, or leave a comment below and tell me what you know!

Until next week, happy haunting!


Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Considered one of the most haunted places in the world, Waverly Hills Sanatorium sits as a landmark to disease to death. It was built as an advanced treatment center for tuberculosis, but the majority of its patients  tragically died. Without antibiotics, patients were prescribed a lot of fresh air (in all seasons- keep in mind this is Kentucky, and it does snow), an incredibly healthy diet and a treatment called heliotherapy, which utilizes the rays of the sun to create Vitamin D in the skin and fight the illness. Unfortunately the vast majority of patients, both adults and children, died here. To keep the other residents in high spirits, the deceased were taken through the Body Chute, an underground passageway that stretches below the building and away from the site. After the epidemic, Waverly Hills was turned into a hospital that treated all manner of illnesses, but by 1982 they were shut down due to lack of funds and serious mistreatment of patients. All in all, over 60,000 people perished.



Because of all the death this land has seen, is it any surprise that countless reports of strange noises and weird sightings flow from its front doors? Nearly every paranormal show or book has done an investigation here. There doesn’t seem to be anyone who has visited the crumbling hospital that hasn’t come out with some kind of experience.


What happens here?


There are more stories to file out of Waverly Hills than this post has characters for. Below is a run-down of some of the most prominent legends, tales and sightings from Waverly Hills.


The first is a long-standing story of the nurse near 502. Depressed, unmarried and supposedly pregnant, the nurse hanged herself, not seeing any other option. No one knows for how long she was there, undiscovered.  But now she is seen around the room, walking back and forth, making herself known to dozens of people.


One of the most popular ghosts is Timmy, who seems to reside in the children’s ward. There have been many accounts of him interacting with visitors, and he really enjoys playing with rubber balls. Several investigations have included EVP sessions using the ball, and there has been more than one video taken of the ball moving on its own, including on the popular SyFy show, Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files.


 (Timmy playing with the ball)


There is a more recent spirit nicknamed “the crawler,” or the “the creeper,” that employees and guests have started witnessing within the past few years. It’s reported to be a shadow very low to the ground that moves in the corridors on the fourth floor. According to the owner on Ghost Hunters, the shadow stands, then crawls up the wall to the ceiling. Honestly, that sounds frightening!


As with any haunted place, but maybe more especially at Waverly Hills, masses of EVPS have been captured. They’ve been reported to get more frequent in recent years. Electrical equipment will go nuts, and not because of any power coming to the buildings. No power is hooked up to the building. Footsteps resound all over the Sanatorium, and are heard quite often in the body chute/death tunnel.


The owners have brought in a wheelchair that a patient used to own in Waverly. It likes to move around the nurses’ ward, and more than a few inches. Tina, the owner and caretaker of Waverly, has said it likes to roll across the room- 20-30 feet.


There have been so many pictures and videos and EVPs and personal experiences gotten from Waverly Hills. If you can name an activity, it happens here. Below are just a few of the tons of pieces of evidence of the paranormal at Waverly Hills. I hope to investigate here myself one day, and have my own experiences and evidence to produce for you.


  (ghost in the back window at about :36)

 (a lot of great evidence in one handy video)


To learn more about this astonishing building, here are a few websites to get you started!

The Future

Hello again! Things have finally calmed down (hopefully for a while), and I will have much more time to devote to this blog and to you guys! So.. let’s do a little housekeeping, so I can get back to writing blogs.

First thing, I’ll be reposting my old blogs from my blogspot website onto this one. I’ll do it one or two blogs at a time as to not spam the place with content you’ve already seen. So it might go old-old-new, or -new-old-new, etc. Hopefully I can get everything switched over quick enough, and nothing will get lost or pushed to the wayside. 

Second thing, I swear I’m trying to figure out how to attach a donation button onto this blog. Not that I expect anyone to contribute money, but it does take quite a lot of effort maintaining a blog. Sometimes it can feel like a job itself. As soon as I figure it out, I’ll put up a button linking to my paypal. Donate if you want, or don’t if you don’t think it’s worth it. Not a big deal! And I thank you in advance.

Third, I will try to keep to a set date for updating the blog. It’s been willy-nilly the past, what, month? and it’s starting to drive me crazy, and I’m sure it’s not good for anyone of you on a schedule. So I’ll take a look at my week and see what day works best to write you some blogs!


I.. think that’s it. If there’s anything I missed, I’ll edit this later.

In any case, thanks for reading! I appreciate all of your pageviews! Please comment more!

Happy Haunting!

“The Spy House Still Stands!”

I was over at “From New York to San Francisco” in the paranormal section, and saw Greg’s article on the Spy House in New Jersey. It hadn’t really occurred to me that Hurricane Sandy could have blown the whole thing away, but there was every possibility!

Thankfully, though, the Spy House is still standing and in one piece. Not a window appears to be broken, although as of November 2nd, the property was completely roped off. 

Good job, spirits! Keep the history alive!

Once again, the blog will be completely back in about a week.

Happy haunting!

Sorry, everyone!

For the next week and a half I’m working three jobs. I don’t really have time to sleep at the moment, much less write a blog.

American Haunts will return as soon as things calm down. So.. in about a week?


In the meantime, feel free to send me your personal stories, or current articles and news about the paranormal.


Happy Haunting!

A couple of articles to tide you over…

Tomorrow is the real update, but I thought I’d sling some cool articles up here to hold you all over. Aren’t I sweet?


The first comes from The Daily Mail, and focuses on a few pictures recently re-discovered. They apparently show the missing link between humanity and apes, and are from an expedition some 75 years in our past. There has been a lot speculation as to the truth of these pictures. Some people say it’s the link… and most others shoot it down using several reasons, the more prominent being that it’s a guy in make-up, and that is one well-shaved wild apeman. Personally, as much as I love cryptids, I’m calling it a fake. It just looks far too staged to be any kinds of authentic. But no matter the truth, photos like these get people talking about the paranatural, so it’s a win in my book.


The second article, from my hometown Los Angeles Times, is just neat. They think they’ve found what could be the cane of Lone Woman. You’ll recognize that name as the inspiration for the book we all had to read in school, Island of the Blue Dolphins. It’s one of the coolest books for young people, and I just think it’s fantastic that people have been looking for Lone Woman’s cave. Nothing paranormal-y about this one. Just a cool article about a great book!


Happy Haunting!