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Getting into the… spirit.

Welp, I’ve had my fill of Creepy for today.



Seriously, what do you guys think of the videos? A few could be faked, like the fallen angel..

Still sent shivers down my spine!



Happy Haunting!


Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

If I had to pick a place to settle, paranormally-speaking, it seems I’d have a field day in Illinois. Every time I do research on that state something new pops up that I’ve never heard of before. Much like the South, it’s a treasure trove of haunted sites, where everything from full-body apparitions to phantom houses show up unexpectedly. This time, as I was going through The Field Guide to North American Hauntings (a book I’ve used as reference for this blog before), I stumbled across Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery in the Rubio Woods Forest Preserve near Midlothian, Illinois. The cemetery received a four gravestones out of four for regularity of haunting, so I read on.


What goes on here?


You might remember Bachelor’s Grove from such pictures as


taken by the GRS team in August of 1991. It’s one of the most famous ghost photographs to date, and depicts what might be the White Lady sitting on a gravestone. The picture was taken in infrared, and no persons were in the vicinity at the time. It’s an amazing picture, if it’s legitimate, and so far all signs point to that.

The White Lady/Mrs. Rogers/The Madonna is a semi-common figure in the Grove. She shows up only during a full moon, all in white. Sometimes she’s carrying an infant in her arms, who cries out soundlessly into the night. It’s believed she is a mother who lost her son at a young age, and now she cares for him in the afterlife.

A farmer and his horse are seen regularly in the cemetery. The story goes that the farmer was plowing his field when the horse became spooked, and shot off into the water, effectively drowning itself and the farmer. At night, the farmer and his horse can be seen working the land near the cemetery like they once did.

The most frightening spirit to haunt Bachelor’s Grove is a two-headed phantom who meanders throughout the gravestones. With it wanders a myriad of blue lights, which bounce all around. It may be the spirit of a deformed child born to parents who kept it hidden until death, but no one actually knows. It also might be the first ghost to actually scare the living daylights out of me.

As if the above ghost wasn’t weird enough, the cemetery seems to be host to a number of phantom cars who make a habit out of chasing down real ones and running them off the road. A farmhouse, complete with white picket fence, also shows up from time to time in a mist. It stays for a couple of minutes, then vanishes into nothingness. As long as none of them go by the name “Christine,” I think I’ll be fine.

And on top of all of those reports, a number of phantoms, blobs of light, orbs and sounds come out of the cemetery on a regular basis. Some people think they’re Mob hits (many of whom were dumped into the nearby lagoon), or maybe they’re just residents of the graveyard. You’re virtually guaranteed to see something strange in this neighborhood.


In any case, the book actually warns about the spectral cars, and says you shouldn’t swerve trying to avoid them. They’ll pass right through and keep on going. Unless they’re actual cars. Then you’ve got two questions from the cops- Why are you in an abandoned graveyard in the middle of the night, and how did you actually get into an accident in said graveyard? This is also a hang-out for gangs, though, so be exceedingly careful. Other people frequent this cemetery, too, including voodoo ritualists and other practitioners of pagan beliefs. As always, be respectful of both living and non-living residents, and never ever EVER go alone.

And now, for the fun stuff:


Graveyards of Illinois


Happy Haunting!

Brown Mountain Lights

So a few months ago, okay maybe a year ago (where did time go?), I went up to the Upper Peninsula in Michigan to see the Paulding Light. In short, it’s a mysterious light that can be seen nearly every night near the little towns of Paulding and Watersmeet. No one is entirely sure what it is, and even after seeing it with my own two eyes (and camera), I’m not sure either. But apparently there are more of these strange mystery lights in the US than just Paulding. In North Carolina strange lights have been seen constantly for decades in the Brown Mountains. There are several theories as to what they are- car headlights to spirits from the past- but no one is completely sure.


What Goes On Here?


From certain places around the hills, strange lights have appeared regularly, coming from nowhere and disappearing into more of the same. They move faster than any flashlight, and are much bigger than what I would assume car headlights would be from a distance. The reports of these things have been made since around 1913, and no one has gotten a definitive answer yet. Honestly, they’re pretty freakin’ cool. Take a look at the video below:


Whether or no you believe these are some kind of ghosts, the lights are impressive. It takes a lot of energy (or a malfunction) to turn night vision any colours but green and black. Red and blue are out of the question. I mean sure, no paranormal documentary on TV will ever give a straight up answer regarding truth or fantasy, but I sure can’t figure out what those lights are.

Here are a few more videos and a link about a symposium on the lights coming up in November. I wish I could go!


Time Traveler, or Loony Case?

This morning, while I was shuffling through my paranormal blogs, links, etc, I cam across an article I hadn’t seen yet- a Washington attorney is claiming to have been used in time travel experiments during the Cold War. The news did a story on him, asking him questions, looking for proof and whatnot, and they seem to be skeptical without completely writing the guy off as a nutcase.
I really.. have no idea. My first instinct is to yell “they did that on Fringe!” and be done with it. His picture “proof” isn’t all that positive, and from the video he’s a fast talker and thinker, sure, but it could have all been rehearsed. I’d love to believe this story, but I’m just not sure if I can.


What do you guys think?

Any Guesses?

So earlier today I saw this article on my mail homepage. I’m sure it’s nothing cryptozoological, but I can’t help but be fascinated by it. What did the eyeball come from? And why is it all alone?

What are your thoughts?



EDIT: Oh. Well that was disappointing.

The Spy House

Well, after my mini-rant from earlier, I’ve found an incredibly haunted house I never knew existed before! I’d love to thank the internet, but this one comes from a book called The Field Guide to North American Hauntings, which I bought off of Amazon a few weeks ago. It’s a fantastic book, and honestly one of the better guides to hauntings I’ve had in a long time.

In any case, the Spy house is located in Port Monmouth, New Jersey. It’s been around since 1648, giving it ample time to collect the myriad ghosts lurking in the rooms and halls. The house served as a family home, an Inn for British soldiers, a camp out for American spies, a pirate lair and even a bordello. With a history like that, no wonder it’s full of ghostly figures! Everyone from the original builder Thomas Whitlock, to ghostly children to pirates make noise, touch people and move objects. To name just a few of the ghosts haunting the old house…

What goes on here?


The first notable ghost is that of Thomas Whitlock, the original owner of the property and builder of the house. He has a deep voice heard by many people, and has a tendency to touch women’s hair. He is seen often strolling through his family’s home.

Next comes a member of the second family to own the house, the Lady in White. She’s thought to be Daniel Seabrook’s wife, the man who bought the house from the Whitlocks. Witnesses say she floats from the attic into the blue-and-white room on the second floor. While there, she tends to an invisible crib before vanishing. This feels like a residual haunt, as she never seems to notice anyone in the room with her.  Another Seabrook, Lydia Longstreet Seabrook, spends her afternoons as a ghost, gazing out the window at the water not far from the house. She has been seen from both the inside and outside of the house.

Another ghost goes by a name you might recognize: Lord Charles Cornwallis, the man known for offering Britain’s formal surrender in the Revolutionary War. His ghost is seen wandering the halls, possibly drunk, and isn’t the most pleasant specter you’ll ever meet.

Captain Morgan, not to be confused with the Captain Henry Morgan, has made his presence known on more than one occasion in the house. Apparently he used the house to store a French family for three months while awaiting ransom, but when it never showed, he raped the women, then killed all members of the family. He roams the halls ranting foul remarks. If anyone has more information on this, I would love to hear about it.


Add to those a number of children who like to play in the halls and outside, a widow awaiting her husband’s return from sea and a childless woman watching over the children… this is one active house. It’s a little amazing I hadn’t heard of it before. Of course, there are some articles denouncing all of it, but that’s really left up to the witnesses, I think. Whether or not the house is full-on haunted, I’ve put below some youtube videos and some links to help you decide what you think about the Spy House.


Roadside America

Twenty Minutes at the Spy House


Third Try’s the Charm?

This is my third attempt to write this blog. I started American Haunts as a way to organize the world of the paranormal. I wasn’t finding everything I needed from the internet… and apparently I’m still not. Even with my fantastic Google prowess, several things lately have completely eluded me.

Two weeks ago I tried to write a journal on a specific haunt in Alaska I had seen on trutv‘s website, but was unable to find anything really pertaining to my query. Come on, Alaska. I know you have haunted places, now talk about them on the internet, please! The next week I tried to write an entry on why more paranormal activity seems to crop up during October, but was shut down by the very, very limited evidence and arguments against the notion. It seems a few people care enough to actually write about October not being a hotbed for activity, but us recognizing it more because we’re more aware of the paranormal in this month than all others. It makes sense, but it’s not enough to write an entire blog on.

And then last night roommate #2, my best friend and I were scouring the internet trying to find any evidence of a group of people I had seen on the Travel Channel (or Discovery Channel.. one of those) who could see into another dimension, and who drew pictures of what they saw. This was on an episode of some show way back when I was much, much younger and just getting my paranormal legs. I can’t remember the show, or the town they were in (roommate #2 insists it was Eastern Europe somewhere), or even the drawings, or any article on a group of people looking into another dimension at all. Even if it turned out to be a fake, you’d think someone on the internet would’ve written about it.

Alas, no. So here I am, completely stumped as to what to write on, because everything I want to write on can’t be found within the vast sea that is the internet. So I guess I have to go with something else, which is fine, I’m always interested in any haunt or unknown creature, but the point is that this blog is failing its original intent, and that makes me Hulk smash-y.


So, if you have any information on any of the above topics, or would like to know more about something you can’t seem to find through Google, Bing, or heaven-forbid, Yahoo, leave me a comment, or shoot me an email with your information or question. I’ll do my best to get your info up on the blog, and answer your question to the best of my ability.


And there will probably be another blog later on today. Thanks for reading!