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Mission Haunts

We may not have all the history of the East Coast, but my home of Southern California boasts its fair share of ghosts. I’ve featured several places in the region, but there’s still more to be explored. Today’s blog will take us to just a few more of those. These ones are absolutely open to the public, and you can go right on in (sometimes there’s a fee, we are SoCal, after all). I am all about exploring, investigating and deciding for yourself what is real and what is not, and these locations are great spots to do just that!


So, let’s take a little stroll around SoCal, and see what it has to offer us..


What Goes On Here?


Mission San Juan Capistrano is famous in California. It’s one of the major missions along El Camino Real, and was one of the busiest missions in California. Settled on November 1, 1776 by Father Junipero Serra, it quickly became of the strongest missions. Like the rest, these were places set up by the Spanish conquerors as villages of Worship, where the natives were forcibly converted and made to abandon their traditional beliefs as well as work for the Spanish settlers. In the early 1800’s, there was a great fire that nearly demolished everything of San Juan Capistrano.


Nowadays, tourists see monks wandering the halls, feel cold spots and hear the bells chiming mass (despite them having not been used in many, many years). A lady in white, soaking from the rain outside, was once seen. She was offered assistance, and walked straight through a wall. She didn’t leave any wet footprints behind. The cemetery, as you can guess, is home to bright, shining lights at night, eerie sounds and cold spots. There is also the apparition of a Native American woman carrying a candle in the upstairs corridors. Many EVPs have been captured in the mission and the surrounding grounds.

Frankly, I can’t wait to get back to California and check this out!

Another mission, La Purisima, is famous for its uprising and its ghosts. Established in 1787, La Purisima sat in what was amid a  strong Chumash Indian population. At its height, it was one of the bigger missions in California, and eventually one of the most brutal. After the Mexican-American War, there was no more funding for the whole area. The now-penniless soldiers took out their frustrations on the Chumash at another mission, beating them frequently and violently. Eventually, in 1842, the Chumash revolted and the rebellion spread to La Purisima. The Chumash held the mission for a month, until soldiers from Monterrey arrived to settle the dispute.


As for the spirits, La Purisima is home to quite a few. The Ghost Adventures Crew has had their own adventures in La Purisima, and come up with a few pieces of evidence of the paranormal, including the image of a male figure, complete with clothing details. There have been reports of cold spots, and even someone being pushed only to find no one around them! Many voices have been heard around the mission, including “death chants” that scared a little girl so badly she wouldn’t return to the mission. There are a ton of stories on the ghosts of La Purisima. Feel free to check the place out for yourself! It’s part of a state park, and completely open to the public.

Enjoy this week’s blog, and make sure you get out there and ghost hunt!



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Tombstone… Strangely Appropriate


I have always had a love of the Old West. I mean, I come from LA, so I suppose it’s in my blood, but of all periods in history, none has ever fascinated me so much. People came to the West with dreams- striking it rich, making a new life- but most of the time what they found was hardship, strife and even death. Many, many towns sprung up in the West, from New Mexico to Washington, but not many of them are still around in the way Los Angeles, Albuquerque, or San Francisco are. There are a lot of towns out there in the desert that don’t exist anymore. There are also towns like the ones below that are still there, but nothing like they once were. Instead of the saloons being crowded with paying patrons, they’re now occupied by different kinds of beings.

This week’s blog takes us to a just one, and probably the most famous, of all these leftovers from the past- Tombstone, Arizona.


What Goes on Here?

You may think it’s all just stories for old westerns, but this was really an important place in the Old West. This is the place of the gunfight at the OK Corral (the real one). The place where cowboys were created, and all the famous gunslingers from the old westerns and stories stopped for a drink, and sometimes a fight. This town, which saw its hayday in the late 1800’s, was one of the last frontier boomtowns to exist in the Old West. So it’s no wonder that it’s also one of the most haunted.

One of the more famous spots in Tombstone is the aforementioned OK Corral. The site of a huge gunfight between the Earps, Doc Holliday, and the unwanted Cowboy Faction, the OK Corral has become well-known in the minds of all of us on the West half of the US. The famous gunfight, thought to be caused by a mix of Earp’s orders to arrest the Cowboys as well as his own ambition to become Sheriff, killed two men in cold blood, and everyone involved was either dead or bloody by the end. All except Virgil Earp. He was deposed as marshall for the apparent blatant homicide of the men involved. The OK Corral is also a pretty famous spot for ghosts. Cowboys are seen there often, on the spot where they died, dressed in their now-infamous cowboy attire. Sometimes they have guns drawn, as if stuck in the battle with the Earps forever. People have associated these ghosts with Billy Clampett, and even the Earps themselves. Various cold spots have been felt throughout the area as well. Could the fight rage on forever? Who knows!


Our next stop lands us in the Boothill Graveyard. It’s so called because of the dozens of men buried there with their boots still on. This cemetery holds some of the victims of the OK Corral, as well as criminals, lawmen, prostitutes and innocent men. With a selection like that, it’s no wonder this place is haunted! People have witnessed floating lights, sounds, apparitions and images of the graveyard’s residents. In fact, it’s the most popular spot for ghosts showing up in photographs. Billy Clanton is said to rise from his grave for a little stroll now and then as well.

There’s a great website chock full of pictures from Boothill:


Possibly the most haunted place in town is the Bird Cage Theatre. So named for its birdcage-like balconies in which painted ladies dressed as birds to entertain the menfolk dangling above the stage, the Bird Cage Theatre was a saloon, brothel and house of debauchery that never closed its doors between 1881 and 1889. Twenty-six people died in the Theatre’s hayday. There are 140 bullet holes in the walls to prove it. Probably the most impressive stat about the Bird Cage, however, is that it boasts thirty-one ghosts. Legends of America summarizes the hauntings:

“Seemingly, some of these old legends of the past continue to stalk the old saloon as both staff and guests, alike, have reported seeing ghostly apparitions in 1800’s clothing. Most often sighted, is the figure of a male stage hand that appears wearing black striped pants, a visor, and holding a clipboard, as he walks across the stage. Other occurrences include the sounds of raucous laughter and music pouring from the doors of the old theatre at night. Others report hearing the faint sounds of a woman singing and the museum’s sound system has inexplicably turned on of its own accord, blaring old time music. Others have reported strange sounds coming from the balconies of the main floor and the sharp scents of cigar smoke and whiskey. After closing time, staff have reported hearing the sounds of clinking glass and cards shuffling.”

The Bird Cage Theatre has been investigated numerous times. You might’ve seen it on Ghost Adventures, or other ghost hunting shows.


Tombstone seems to be crawling with haunts. Everywhere from Kate’s Saloon to the Wells Fargo building have some kind of spook prowling around. It seems the Old West hasn’t really been won. Its participants simply moved onto a new playing field. As soon as I move back to California, I’m making plans to spend a day or two out in Tombstone. Hopefully I’ll be able to return with some awesome photos and video for everyone!

Until then, you know the drill! Send me your stories, pictures, everything! And tune in next week at the same (relative) bat-time, same bat-channel!



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This week in the world of the paranormal…

With everything that went on this weekend, I didn’t have time to write a full blog, but what I can do is bring you some news from the paranormal world! I’ve read a few articles this week that I think you all would really enjoy!
Our first article comes from The Scotsman. Has Nessie been found? Well, I’m not sure. But at least there’s a new picture of the creature! At least, that’s what the photographer is claiming. Of course there are naysayers, but hopefully some experts can get in there and really clear up whether or not this is at least an animal. What happens after that, whether it’s accepted as Nessie or not, is a little irrelevant. But it is a very interesting photo. Take a look!


The second article comes from the Huffington Post, a favourite of mine. Apparently a group of aliens heard about our world wide event, and decided to come check out the festivities! Or.. that’s what it looks like from the video in the link, anyway. I really have no idea what that glowing, saucer-shaped thing is floating above the stadium, but whatever it is… it looks pretty awesome. Take a look and decide what you think. Satellite? Blimp? Aliens?


The third article comes from the Great White North. Er, no, not Canada. Russia. A feral girl was found living with cows in a shed in Russia. Her parents didn’t want to take care of her, so they denied her kindergarten and sent her to to the cowshed to live. There’s not much on this girl, but as a Sociologist, I can tell you that she’ll be added to the list of children studied for being ferality. I hope we get to know more about this girl as time goes on.

That’s it for this week, but I highly recommend for up-to-date paranormal news. I go there often, and I really enjoy the variety of articles they offer.

A New Me

Welcome one and all. This url might look familiar… and it should! I used to be over on Blogger, but due to Google’s being quite stiff, absolute and unwilling to work with bloggers about the Adsense account, I’ve decided to switch over to WordPress. I don’t get paid for this blog, but that’s not really why I’m doing it anyway.

This will be the same blog you know and love, don’t worry! I’ll still post weekly about all things paranormal. And, when I have the internet, I’ll give you links to recent articles in the UFO, Ghost, and Cryptozoological worlds!

So stay tuned!


K Gray